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We are the High Altitude Liquid Engine (HALE) team, Oregon State’s first research and development for advanced liquid rocket engines. As a part of the Base 11 Competition, HALE’s ultimate goal is to reach the Karman line (100km ASL) with a single stage liquid bi-propellant engine.

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The Competition

Base 11 sponsors a highly advanced, multiyear collegiate rocket building competition. The competition goal is to put a single stage liquid bi-prop rocket in space by the end of 2021. The grand prize for being the first college to do so is $1 million.

The Engines

All of HALE’s engines are completely designed, developed and manufactured on-campus from start to finish. Our engines are named after stars in the night sky of increasing temperature.

Mira - We are initially learning the finer details of handling liquid rocket engines through our first engine, Mira. This design is a pressure fed, kerosene and liquid oxygen with a pintle injector and ablative cooling. We are keeping this design simple and small at 2,000 lbs thrust, and will allow the design to become more aggressive as we gain experience.

Engine #2 - Our second design will progress on all lessons learned from Mira, as well as incorporate new technology. The second engine will use an electric pump cycle and a regeneratively cooled external nozzle. This design will be much more complex than Mira, and increase to a minimum of 5,000 lbs thrust with a burn time of multiple minutes.

What You Can Do

HALE is unique in that it is a multiyear project, and continuously develops and evolves over the years. We are always manufacturing! Many of the rocket’s components are developed by "Senior Capstone Teams", however students (even non-students) of all levels of experience are welcome to help on any stage of the research and build! If a member wants to help, regardless of class year or experience level, we will always have a task for them to work on in the lab. Seasoned members will also teach underclassmen new machine and manufacturing skills.

This year’s Winter/Spring HALE capstone projects:

  • Electric Propellant Pump

  • External Nozzle

We invite students to join any of our sub-teams:

  • Propulsion

  • Structures

  • Avionics and Telemetry

  • Aerodynamics and Recovery

HALE meets on Thursdays at 6:00pm in Rogers 226.

For interest please email Devon Burson: bursond@oregonstate.edu