Enhancing the understanding of vertical flight technology .

The Micro Air Vehicle team is OSU AIAA's first project with the American Helicopter Society.


First-Time Competitors.

Oregon State University is officially in the helicopter game. Our project is the first to compete in the American Helicopter Society Competition. This year conforms to the 2018 Micro Air Vehicle Competition guidelines set by the AHS. We aim to create an electric powered vehicle with VTOL and hover capability, and features on-board flight stabilization and flight cameras to complete the mission .

Learn by doing.

The Micro-Air Vehicle is a multi-disciplinary team and encourage participation by anyone interested in mechanical, electrical, structural, or industrial engineering. Our Capstone Senior Design Team is always available to mentor students who have an interest and passion in our project. 

Our team is getting ready for the May 2018 competition

We invite students to join any of our sub-teams. The Micro Air Vehicle team meets 7:00pm on Mondays in Rogers 304. Additional Mechanical Subteam meetings occur at 4:00pm on Tuesdays in Rogers 226. Feel free to stop by!

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AHS Micro Air Vehicle sponsors will have their business logo placed on the competition plane  and on the team's competition apparel.